U.S.G.A and R&A rules shall govern except the following local rules.

Local Rules

1.Residential areas surrounding golf course are out bounds. 2. Water hazard defined by yellow stakes or lines, lateral water hazards defined by red stakes or lines. If ball enters lakes in front of tee grounds, you may use the drop areas, if provideed 3. You may obtain relief through the green by dropping your ball within one club-lenght from where it lies without penalty, but not nearer to the hole.

(a) Adrainage, manhole(s) and ditches
(b) Sprinklers
(c) Trees with stakes or ribbons
(d) On paved roads
(e) Flower Gardens
(f) Ground under repair with blue stakes or white line


  • Please level sand in bunker
  • Please repair divots and pitch marks
  • The stakes for 100, 150 and 200 yardage marks are
    measured from the center of the green directly to that stakes

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